Sea Harbor Gull Wing Fingerles2 NBK  click here to download



Sea Harbor Gull Wing Fingerless (NBK Fingering)

Long before Gabby’s Cardigan was created for Sally Goldenbaum’s newest May 2012 release, A Fatal Fleece, we had discussed designing a project for an upcoming book. An original sketch was for a pair of fingerless with a slightly offset cable design up the front that resembled seagull wings. Something Nell, Izzy and Cass could always use on their early morning beach runs. An early copy of the books release and some unusually chilly New England mornings prompted the casting on for these Sea Harbor Gull Wing Fingerless.

We have two samples knit up for the shop, one in NBK’s Fingering (Northbound Knitting) and one in Fibre Company’s Canopy Fingering and as you can see both provide their own distinctive look.

Sea Harbor Gull Wing Fingerless (Fibre Company Canopy Fingering)