These are the tween months, not quite winter, not quite spring and right now, definitely not summer. Since our move a few weeks ago, each day brings us a visit from either UPS or Fed Ex and although we have all anxiously awaited the arrival of Quince and Company yarns, some really great yarns are making their way to our shelves.


One such yarn that easily needs to be showcased is Elsbeth Lavold’s Silky Wool, a silk, wool and  nylon 8-ply blend. I have been singing the praises of my perennial favorite EL Hempathy but I regret, up until this past fall, I would have never given Silky Wool a second look. That is, until a dear friend came in wearing her Siv by Elsbeth Lavold. At first glance, this”wormy” looking skein does not hold any appeal to me and several projects I have seen this knit with using larger gauges, looses something in my opinion but knit at a smaller gauge, this yarn is truly magic!

So, if I am going to sing Silky Wool’s praises, your are going to need some project ideas.

Clockwork by Stephen West (2) skeins MC (1) skein CC

Henry by Mareike Sattler (3) skeins

Belmondo by Tori Curbisz (2) skeins

Something Silver by Veera Valimaki, 980 – 1640 yards one piece raglan sleeve cardigan

Peasy by Heidi Kirrmaier 744 – 1312 yards top-down cardigan

Friday Again  by Ankestrick  920 – 1560 yards one piece top-down pullover

Over a dozen new colors in stock to choose from!